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Choose the types of taps and daily usage
Jul 17, 2017

We often use is: straight fluted tap, spiral tap, screw tap, squeeze tap, the performance of each one has his good points. Straight groove tap is the most versatile, through hole or through hole, non-ferrous metal or ferrous metal can be processed, the price is also the cheapest. But targeted is also poor, what can be done, nothing is the best.

Spiral groove tap is more suitable for machining hole thread, cutting chip back to the rear. Because of the screw angle, the actual cutting angle of the tap increases with the increase of the helix angle. Experience tells us: the processing of ferrous metal, spiral angle election of a smaller, generally around 30 degrees, to ensure the strength of spiral teeth. Processing non-ferrous metal, spiral angle election of a larger, can be about 45 degrees, cutting a bit sharp. When the threaded tap processes the thread, the chip is discharged forward. Extrusion tap is more suitable for non-ferrous metal processing. Daily maintenance editor

1, tapping the end of the end of the hole to chamfer; tap to work with the hole coaxial; tapping start should be applied to the axial pressure, so that tap into, cut into a few laps later, no longer need to apply axial force.

2, when the tap calibration part into the screw hole, each positive half turns to a circle to return 1/4, 1/2 ring, the chip broken down again after school; take the through hole, often exit tap chip.

In 3, the steel workpiece tapping on to cutting fluid tapping in cast iron workpiece, can add a little kerosene; with a taper, and then two attack and three attack, must be screwed in the screw tap.

4, when threading workpiece end to chamfer, pull the tooth end surface shall be perpendicular to the axis of the work piece; threading began to be applied to a large number of axial pressure, rotate the corresponding pressure; when the pulling teeth cut threads on the workpiece, don't add pressure.

5, the set of thread in order to make broken chips broken, timely discharge, should often reverse the wrench.

6, the work should be firmly fixed in the clamp, a clamping device; when the tap is broken, a hand to touch off don't clamp, chisel or punching out, broken wires must wear protective glasses.

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