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Die features
Jul 17, 2017

In the new product trial manufacture and the small batch production stamping parts, the simple die structure has been widely used. The die not only has simple structure, but also has the advantages of convenient manufacture, low cost, and meeting the requirement of certain processing quality.

Stamping is a method of pressing a material at room temperature by applying pressure on the material on the mold of the press to produce a separation or plastic deformation so as to obtain the required parts.

Stamping die - in cold stamping, the material (metal or non-metallic) processing parts (or semi-finished products) of a special process equipment, known as cold stamping die (commonly known as cold die).

In the production of stamping parts, reasonable stamping forming process, advanced mold and efficient stamping equipment are the three essential elements

Stamping processing characteristics: the advantages of cold stamping processing has the prominent, so it has been widely used in batch production, plays a very important role in modern industrial production, is the essential processing methods of industrial and civil defense in industrial production.

1. high stamping productivity and high material utilization;

2., the production of parts of high precision, high complexity, high consistency;

Processing must have the corresponding mold stamping mould is technology intensive products, the manufacturing of small batch production, has a difficult process, high precision, high technical requirements, the production cost is high (about 10% to 30% of the cost of the product features). Therefore, only in the production of large parts of stamping parts, stamping processing advantages can be fully reflected in order to achieve good economic results.

Stamping process because of the shape, size and accuracy of different, change the process is also different. According to the deformation characteristics of materials, the cold stamping process can be divided into two types: separation process and forming process.

Separation process refers to the blank under the impact of pressure, the deformation part of the stress reached the strength limit, after B, so that the billet fracture and separation. The separation process mainly includes cutting and blanking.

The forming process is the blank in punching pressure, deformation stress yield limit of s reached, but did not reach the ultimate strength of a B, the blank of plastic deformation, into a certain shape, size and precision parts processing. Forming process mainly bending, drawing, flanging, spinning and so on. Detailed classification and features of stamping processes

Stamping die is a necessary process equipment for stamping production, and it is a technology intensive product. The quality of stamping parts, production efficiency and production cost are directly related to die design and manufacture. The level of mold design and manufacturing technology is one of the important signs to measure the manufacturing level of a country's products, and to a great extent, it determines the quality, efficiency and development ability of new products.

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