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Extrusion tap: an improved method for taps
Sep 01, 2018

Extrusion tap: an improved method for taps

Enterprises that squeeze tap tools must completely lose the stereotypes that have been developed for decades, and have the old habit of selling them, putting the demand for manufacturing in the first place. This kind of guiding ideology and development policy has been established. Even without a large amount of modern equipment, it can produce good products that users welcome. With this kind of guiding ideology, the waste of resources is shoddy, and the waste of talents will be greatly reduced.

In recent years, China's tool industry has begun to emerge as a tool industry to solve modernization problems. Strengthening service awareness and improving service levels are the top priorities, and their urgency far exceeds the improvement of equipment. We have had a lot of painful lessons. Some companies have introduced advanced foreign equipment at a big price, but the old concept has not changed. They still produce the same standard taps. The result is not welcomed by the market, and they lose the wife and the soldiers.

Then, how can we give full play to China's resource and manpower advantages and push the development of taps to a new level? First of all, we must start from changing concepts and strengthening services.

1. Create a standardized and orderly market environment

Under the conditions of market economy, enterprises are the main body of competition, and they must be responsible for their own survival and development.


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