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Extrusion tapping works
Jun 09, 2018

Extrusion tapping works

Extrusion tap processing technology:

    Extrusion taps are made of high-quality high-speed steel and are prefabricated with lubrication grooves and TIN coatings for special applications. The square shaft of the tap tail is the optimal design for transmitting the required torque for tapping.

    Compared with the thread produced by traditional cutting taps, the thread made of chipless extrusion taps has ultra-high strength. It does not rely on the granular structure of the cutting material to form the threads. Instead, due to the special geometry of the taps, the material is squeezed and redistributed to form threads. This chipless extrusion process will not only not damage the fiber's inherent fiber direction, but will instead make the metal material more solid. Therefore, the thread produced by the extrusion tap has the mechanical characteristics that can resist large pulling force and torque.

    Extruding taps are the best taps for threading after drilling with Fdrill hot melt drills. The bushes formed by the hot melt drilled hole, even at the thin wall portion of the bushing at the lower end, the extrusion tap can press and redistribute the material to form threads, effectively ensuring the strength of the thread.

The cutting tap cuts the material to form a thread.

    Extrusion Taps Extrusion tapping is completely different: the material will redistribute to the inner wall as the squeeze tap moves.

    Note that with the upward and downward movement of the metallic material, the extruded threads are finally formed.

    Extruded tap retains all material and forms extruded threads to ensure thread strength.


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