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How can get the tap broken?
Jul 17, 2017

When the tap is broken, the broken tap can be taken out according to the breaking length and shape, the material of the workpiece, the diameter of the tap and so on.

Spin out method: tap break, if the left part of the cone hole, can use pliers cone, slowly rotating the tap exit, this method is suitable for small diameter; if the tap in the hole, and the larger diameter pores of broken chip less, you can use special or homemade three claw, four claw is inserted into the container from the tap the chip groove, slowly rotating exit; a bolt or welding in taps, with a wrench. The method is not easy to damage the existing thread, and is suitable for the through hole and the blind hole.

When the tap tapping method: unable to spin out, can use the high hardness of the punch or stylus to tap, use the hammer to tap tap slowly, according to the opposite direction of exit. Or the hole tap has been broken, can be knocked to break it, and then use a magnet to suck out the broken parts. But this method is easy to damage to the existing thread, so be careful operation. Wear protective glasses when striking.

Fusing method: use the electric welding or the electric spark take out machine to fuse the broken tap. This method may damage existing threads and needs careful operation.

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