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How to tap die material and heat treatment process
Jan 13, 2018

How to tap die material and heat treatment process

1 tap and die role

The tap is the role of internal thread processing, die is the role of external thread processing.

2 working conditions

The handle and heart bear large torsional stress, and the tooth blade is subjected to large friction and wear, and the tooth edge of the tooth also bears a higher working temperature.

3 form of failure

The main failure form is abrasion and fracture.

4 mechanical properties requirements

The tooth edge should have high hardness (59 ~ 64HRC) and high wear resistance, a certain degree of hardness (depending on cutting speed), and the handle and core should have enough strength and toughness, and the hardness is 35 to 45HRC.

The commonly used materials of 5 tap and die and heat treatment

(1) hand taps and dies, low cutting speed, heat setting is not required, you can select the T10A and T12A steel, and after quenching and tempering.

(2) machine taps and dies, because of the high cutting speed, hardness is required for heat. Higher cutting speed (8 ~ 10m/min) requires high thermal hardness and can be made of 9SiCr, 9Mn2V and CrWMn steel. When the cutting speed is up to 25 to 55m/min, it is required to have high thermal hardness, which can be made of W18Cr4V steel and treated with appropriate heat.


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