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How to use the screw die and tap processing thread
Nov 18, 2017

How to use the screw die and tap processing thread?

1, die feed screw. The following general M12 fine thread or pitch of less than 1.5mm, can be used in lathe machining die.

(1) the outer part of the lathe has been clamped on the three jaw chuck, and the length of the sleeve is determined.

(2) the clamping screw die sleeve thread tool into the force of lathe tailstock sleeve, selected to meet the requirements of the die, and the positive and negative outward, the bottom of the hole by flat packed into a thread tool locking, find homocercal seat, a tailstock handwheel, the die set gently on the workpiece outer circle on.

(3) the spindle speed is adjusted to the minimum transfer boot, pull the tailstock, the die axis feed, stopping when the plate braces from the line distance 2-3mm, the rotation of the spindle, slow in the inertia, arrive at the crossed position, boot reversal reverse, causing a die exit can be.

(4) with plate braces threads, must use cutting fluid.

2. Tap thread with tap.

(1) with a drill thread bottom, chamfer 30-45 degrees, and the diameter is slightly greater than 57 chamfer.

(2) according to the requirements of selecting the tap, to find a homocercal tail zero scale center will hinge bar sleeve locking in tap rod, and tap into the hole in the tailstock center, to tap the center of the tail hole.

(3) will be adjusted to a minimum spindle speed, cutting fluid, pull the left hinge taps carry clockwise rotation, the left tail frame, both hands at the same time, to ensure the tailstock center always counter tap hole, scoring 1-2 teeth, must be half turn to asymptotically counterclockwise, clockwise and then continue tapping with the depth increasing, chip breaking number must be increased to attack the orifice above 1/2 completed five, two using the same method of ladder, the thread's diameter.


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