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Pneumatic screwdriver six maintenance elements
Jul 17, 2017

1. correct gas supply system:

Intake pressure at the tool inlet (non air compressor outlet pressure) is generally 90PSIG (6.2Kg/cm^2), too high or too low, damage tool performance and life.

The intake must be full of lubricating oil so that the pneumatic motor in the tool is fully lubricated (allowing a sheet of white paper to be checked at the tool exhaust for oil stains, which is normally oily).

Air intake must be free of moisture. If the air is not air, the air dryer is not appropriate.

2. do not arbitrarily remove parts of the tool and operation, in addition to affecting the safety of the operator, will cause damage to the tool.

3. if the tool is slightly out of order or cannot be used after use, do not continue to use it. Check it immediately.

4. regular (about once a week) inspection, maintenance tools, add butter (Grease) to the bearings and other rotating parts, add oil (Oil) to the pneumatic motor parts.

5. use all kinds of tools. Be sure to follow all safety instructions and instructions.

6., the use of appropriate tools to work, tools too large, easy to cause harm to work, tools too small, easy to cause damage to the tool.

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