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Several points about the extrusion tap
Jun 09, 2018

Several points about the extrusion tap

Extrusion molding is also called cold forming. Internal thread extrusion is usually achieved by squeezing the tap.

Several points about the extrusion tap

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There are several supplements to the extrusion tap

Extrusion molding is also called cold forming. Internal thread extrusion is usually achieved by squeezing the tap.


Extrusion taps were primarily developed to solve the problem of aluminum alloy thread in the aerospace industry after the thread has been loosened and the thread strength has been reduced. Therefore, extrusion taps are also mainly used in tapping materials with larger plastic materials. Due to the large-scale application of such materials in the automotive industry in recent years, extrusion taps are increasingly used in the automotive industry.

Extrusion presses the plastic metal to produce a local "flow" to obtain the desired shape. Compared with traditional cutting, this method has the following characteristics and advantages:

No debris, high thread surface quality;

Metal fiber continuous, high thread strength;

Cold hardened, thread surface wear-resistant;

High tapping speed improves processing efficiency

Tap life is long.

Because of the "violent" extrusion, higher tapping torques are required. In general, the torque required to squeeze the tap under the same conditions is 1.5-2 times that of the cutting tap. Therefore, the specification of the extrusion tap is also limited. Common specifications are below M20.

When selecting extrusion taps, special attention should be paid to the following points:


Generally more plastic material, such as aluminum alloy, low carbon steel and ordinary stainless steel.

Bottom hole

Extrusion taps are more demanding on the size of the tapped hole. The bottom hole is too small, the extrusion thread is too full, and too much tapping torque leads to a low tap life. The bottom hole is too large, the molding thread is not full and the strength is reduced. Therefore, a suitable tapping bottom hole is particularly important for the extrusion tap.


As far as possible, improve the lubrication performance. This is not just to reduce the torque and increase the life of the tap, but more importantly, to improve the surface quality of the thread.

In addition, when tapping with an extrusion tap, the tapped hole should not be too deep, and the effective depth of the thread should be controlled within 1.5 times of the depth. Deep hole tapping requires an extrusion tap with a lubrication groove.


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