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Tap and die set note
Dec 24, 2017

Tap and die set note

In the first 45 degree chamfer machining end bolt blank, to prevent the generation of die suddenly in the guide blade loading phenomenon. At the same time to ensure that the circular tooth or six angle die cut blank vertical bolt.

The diameter of the bolt blank can be reduced as much as possible, that is, to ensure that the tolerance related to the bolt diameter is close to the lower limit so that the cutting force produced in the tapping can be minimized.

With a cutting edge inclination portion of the die, which can ensure that the chip export machining area.

The correct coolant is used and a full amount of coolant is directed to the cutting area.

In the regulation of open die, not to die open, open die of workpiece scratching rather than cutting in when tapping. Uniform rotation adjustment screw, the die opening closed about 0.15 mm. If the pressure in the die is only one side of the die may cause damage.


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