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The classification and usage of die
Jul 17, 2017

Die by shape and purpose into the round die, die (die, die Quartet Six Party (six), die die die angle) tube shaped die and pipe die. The circular tooth is the most widely used specifications, ranging from M0.25 to M68mm. Circular die, six party dies have GB, hardware market but generally buy only round die, it is difficult to buy the six party to die, not to mention the Quartet die. The Quartet die (Figure 1) there is no national standard, manufacturers are less, and the appearance is not the same. However, the Quartet in die maintenance and installation of machinery and equipment, but very useful.

Machine installation, thread the anchor bolt is easily damaged, only the general unit dies, dies must screwstock can wire, and screwstock is very large, and space, not anchor threading machine. At this time, as long as the circular teeth on the wheel into a square die can, and then use the wrench can be threaded. Nearly 50 units have been overhauled machines, due to improper installation, a large number of anchor bolts is damaged, with this method, the set of silk.

Use method of thread processing wafer die, a half half cutting extrusion state. Die diameter and diameter for cutting part die die, especially the die diameter to bear large cutting force, it should have the strength and cutting ability. Taking into account the screw and the screw hole with the die cut out should have a certain gap, and taking into account the amount of wear, so die design, should make the diameter and diameter less than in diameter, the diameter of the thread in nominal size. D jmM0.8 =0.584 thread diameter D mm, diameter within the die plate. At M0.8 = 0.55 mm, pitch diameter D =0.67 mm in diameter, die should be m.x= D in 0.67 mm, 0.67 mm is generally determined in 0.66. In the actual production, the diameter of die wear caused by scrap rarely, so in the design of the diameter of the wear volume can be smaller. But if the size is too small, then push the pressure screw will get increased, so die diameter should not be too small. 

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