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Thread die manufacturing method
Jul 17, 2017

Thread demoulding structure:

The thread of the plastic product is divided into two kinds: the external thread and the internal thread, and the outer thread is usually used to release the mould, and the inner thread is broken out by the way of twisting teeth.

The explanation of the design of screw thread die, thread die design is good, the following work is to do it, and today we focus from the structure to analyze the thread die structure and manufacturing method thereof.

<1> external thread

This kind of structure is relatively simple. After molding, it will leave the mark of parting line on the plastic products. If the mark of the parting line is obvious, it will affect the appearance of the product and the fit of the thread. The principle is to slide open by the guide pin and then ejector the product.

<2> internal thread die

It can be divided into:

1 、 forced thread demoulding structure (non rotating type)

The structure of the die is relatively simple, and the plastic product is not required for high precision.

A) use product elastic forced release. Suitable for polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and other plastic forming flexible products

B) forced release using silicone thread core

To create a thread core using silicone rubber is elastic. When the mould is opened, the first out of the core rod of silicon rubber thread core of the silicone rubber thread core space contraction, and then forcibly ejecting products. This mould has the advantages of simple structure, but the life of silicon rubber thread core is low, products applicable to small batch production.

2. non forced thread removal (rotary type)

Requirements of PlasticParts or die no matter which side is rotary motion and axial motion, or only one rotary motion and another axial movement of plastic parts can realize automatic thread demoulding. Attention should be paid to ensure the plastic parts to check to continue to play a role in parting can travel.

The other driver also includes a cylinder or cylinder to rely on in a reciprocating motion through the gear rack, the threaded core with rotary, hydraulic, pneumatic, or motor (with variable speed motor drives the gear to rotate out of the mold) as the power source, the need to control all devices. The general motor drive for multiple threads and a case. By the way, radium line drives the gear die.

<3> Comparison of external thread die and internal thread die in production

The external thread die is easy to process, but the production efficiency is low and the labor intensity is great. It is suitable for small batch production; the latter is complex in mold structure and time-consuming in processing; it is suitable for mass production of products, and is suitable for automatic production

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