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What are the causes of premature damage of the tap, die
Jan 13, 2018

What are the causes of premature damage of the tap, die

Why die prematurely taps, mainly in the following points:

1. through grinding the taps, if the front and rear angles are worn too large to make the knife teeth sharp, it will inevitably weaken the strength of the cutter teeth. In front of the die cutter tooth curve shape, diameter angle, so the sharp tip. Based on this situation, such as cutting hard metals, tapping machine using excessive force, which is easy to collapse the blade.

2. chip breaking groove is bad, chip serious congestion, continue cutting, cutter tooth extrusion collapse or broken tap.

3. knife tooth blunt or adhesion built-up, the cutting chip is easy to accumulate in the tooth, and the product is thicker, the torsional moment of tapping machine suddenly increases, leading to tooth collapse, sometimes even broken tool.

4. cutting tool skew, the cutting layer of thin and thick side while serious easy cutter tooth collapse or broken tool.

5. when tapping hole is too small, a wire rod billet diameter is too large, will damage the knife tooth.

6. when the screw hole is not cut through, the taps have gone through, but they still get into the knife, causing the taps to break.

7. in the process of cutting, turning hinge bar or excessive force, not only into the back, so that the cutting load is increasing, will damage the knife tooth, even broken tool.


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