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What are the uses of taps
Oct 14, 2017

What are the uses of taps?

For processing or other parts of the ordinary nut internal thread with (i.e. tapping). Machine taps usually refers to high speed steel geared tap on the machine tool, suitable for tapping; hand taps refers to carbon tool steel or alloy tool steel rolling (or incisor) tap, suitable for manual tapping.

The tap is a tool for machining various middle and small sizes of internal thread. It is simple in structure and easy to use. It can be operated by hand or on machine tools. It is widely used in production.

For small size internal thread, tap is almost the only machining tool. The types of taps are hand tap, machine tap, nut tap, extrusion tap, etc..

To process tapping is difficult, because the tap is almost buried in cutting the workpiece, the processing load of each tooth is larger than the other tool, and contact with the workpiece surface along the screw tap is very large, cutting thread when it must accommodate and remove the chip, therefore, can be said that the tap is working in very harsh conditions. In order to make the tapping smoothly, all possible problems should be considered in advance. Such as the material properties of the workpiece, the choice of what tools and machine tools, the choice of high cutting speed, feed and so on.


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