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What is a surface coating tap?
Apr 19, 2018

This is not a type of wire tapping, but a wire tapping that is applied to coat the surface of the wire and extend its life. There are many types of surface coatings. In addition to titanium plating, diamond coatings have recently been developed, some of which have entered a practical stage.

4, sometimes the chips are discharged from the top, sometimes discharged from below, why?

This is related to the type of the lower hole, and the lower hole has two blind holes and two through holes. The blind hole is only processed to the middle of the lower hole without penetrating through it; the through hole is literally intended, and the lower hole penetrates the material to be cut. When processing a blind hole, if the chip is used, the wire tapping will be discharged from the front, and there will be no place for the chip to be discharged, which will cause damage to the wire tap. On the other hand, when the through hole is processed in reverse, if the chip tapping from the front is selected, the working efficiency can be improved.


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