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What is the difference between tap and wire tap?
Jul 17, 2017

There is no difference between tap and tap, they are the same tools

The utility model relates to a tool for processing internal threads, which is provided with grooves in the axial direction. Also called a screw tap. The tap is divided into straight slot tap, spiral groove tap and spiral point tap according to its shape. Straight groove taps are easy to process with low precision and larger output. Generally used in general lathe, drilling machine and tapping machine thread processing, cutting speed is slow. Spiral groove taps are mostly used for drilling blind holes in CNC machining centers. The processing speed is faster, the accuracy is higher, the chip removal is better, and the utility model is good for neutral. The front of the screw tap is provided with a slot for cutting through holes. Most of the taps supplied by the tool factory are coated taps, and the service life and cutting performance of the uncoated taps are greatly improved. The cutting load distribution of the unequal diameter tap is reasonable, the machining quality is high, but the manufacturing cost is high.

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