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What is the material of the tap?
Jul 17, 2017

It is difficult to tap the machinability of workpiece material on special workpiece. The main concern of current tap manufacturers is to develop taps, taps, and taps for special materials.

In view of the performance of these materials, the geometry of the cutting part of the tap is changed, especially its front and undercut (HOOK) - the lower concavity in front. The maximum processing speed is sometimes limited by the performance of the machine tools. For smaller taps, the spindle speed to achieve the desired speed [rpm= (SFM x 3.8) / tap diameter], may have exceeded the maximum spindle speed. On the other hand, with larger taps, high speed cutting results in greater torque, which may be greater than the power provided by the machine tools. With 700psi's internal cooling tool, the cutting speed is likely to reach 250sfm. In the absence of internal cooling machine tools, cutting speed can only reach 150sfm. Taps are different from most metal cutting tools because they are very large in contact with the hole walls of the workpiece, so cooling is critical. If the high speed steel cone is overheated, the tap will break and burn, and the geometric features of NORIS's high performance taps are large back angle and inverted cone." The geometry of the tap, and then with a special coating surface (such as TiN, TiCN, CrN or TiAlN), can greatly improve the life of taps.

These heat-resistant, smooth coatings reduce the cutting force and allow tapping at higher cutting speeds. In fact, the development of new high performance taps greatly accelerates the spindle speed and power of machine tools.

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