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What is the reason for manually breaking the wire?
Apr 19, 2018

With manual thread tapping, thread tapping often occurs. Broken wire tapping, in addition to the operator's lack of experience, poor skills, improper methods and tap quality, but also closely related to the existence of defects in the tap structure.

Tap fracture analysis

1. During the tapping process, because the operator's hands are not balanced, the direction of the force changes and the tap breaks. This happens mostly in the processing of smaller diameter threads.

2. The hole diameter of the bottom hole does not match with the tap. For example, when processing M5×0.5 thread, the bottom hole should be drilled with 4.5mm drill bit. If misuse of M5's &Oslash, 4.2mm drill bit to process, because the hole diameter becomes smaller and the tap does not match, the torque must increase. . At this point, if the operator still does not find that the wrong drill bit has been used to inherit the forced tapping, the tapping phenomenon will surely occur.

3. When the blind hole thread tapping is processed, when the tap is about to touch the bottom of the hole, the operator does not realize that the tap is still fed at the tapping speed that is not reached at the bottom of the hole, and the tap must be broken.

4, when processing blind hole thread tapping, if there is a department chip can not be discharged in time and fill in the bottom of the hole, the operator if forced to tap, taps must also be broken.

5, the quality of the tap itself has a problem, but also lead to the tapping process in tapping one of the reasons.

6. When the tapping starts, the tap start positioning is inaccurate, that is, the axis of the tap is different from the center line of the bottom hole, and the torque is too large during the tapping process. This is the main reason for the tap breaking, resulting in the tap breaking. The phenomenon is more than the total number of tap breaks caused by the aforementioned factors. The phenomenon of this discontinuity between the tap and the bottom hole seems to be the skill of the manipulator, but in fact it is due to the inadequacy of the tap structure. The tip of the manual tap currently used is tapered. The initial working surface is in point contact with the bottom hole. The concentricity of the tap and the bottom hole is maintained by the skill and experience of the operator. It is necessary to keep the tapping to the right and left perpendicular to the end face of the bottom hole, and to keep the front and back perpendicular to the bottom hole. The end face, but also in the tap down forcefully at the same time with both hands balanced force to twist the tap. Such as a number of content must be carried out simultaneously and at the same time, the operator of the poor technical level is very difficult to complete this work. Even senior technicians with a good level of technology do not always grasp correctly when tapping homework manually.


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