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What is the Threading Machine Dies and Dies
Mar 23, 2018

What is the Threading Machine Dies and Dies

Threading machine also known as: electric Threading machine, electric pipe cutting Threading machine, skein machine, pipe threading machine.

It is a machine that specializes in producing pipe thread. See www.easy.photo.163.com Pipe thread is made by cutting the dies on the dies of the pipe threader. Therefore, the specifications of the pipe threader die determine the pipe thread. Specifications.

Dies are the most common wearing parts for the threader. According to the thread, there are different sizes of die:

Classified by pitch: BSPT NPT METRIC

Classified by size (inches): 1/4"-3/8" (2 points - 3 cents)

1/2"-3/4" (4 points - 6 cents)

1"-2" (1 inch-2 inch die)

2 1/2"-3" (2" half to 3" dies)

2 1/2"-4" (2" half to 4" die)

5"-6" (5 inch-6 inch die)

According to the die material classification: Tool steel teeth (for galvanized pipe, seamless steel pipe, round steel, copper, aluminum and other processing wire mouth)

High-speed steel plate teeth (for stainless steel tube, stainless steel round wire for processing silk mouth)

There is a classification based on the special threading machine type:

50A type die / 100A die / MCC threader die / REX threader die / Q74 die /114R die / green lamb die


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