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Attention Should Be Paid To The Following Items When Tapping With Machine Tap Wrench On Machine Tools.
Jul 14, 2018

1. the center of the work screw hole should be in a straight line with the center of the tap.

2. when the tap will enter the bottom hole which has been drilled on the work piece, use the hands to avoid the collision between the tap and the workpiece.

3. when the tapping machine is broken, the tapping tool with protective device is best used to avoid breaking the tap.

The length of 4. tapping is accurate in machine tool or tapping tool. The attempt of tapping can not be equal to the depth of the hole. Generally, the depth of the hole should be less 1~2 millimeter than the depth of the bottom hole, and sometimes it can be smaller, and the pre drilling can be made according to the standard.

5. the taps should be taken out through the workpieces, and the taps should be taken out of the workpiece and not to be rotated to prevent the possible damage to the threads that have been attacked. When the screw holes are made, the spindle of the machine can be rotated in the opposite direction, and the Tap Wrench are withdrawn.


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