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Attention Should Be Paid To The Following Points When Tapping With A Tap Wrench On The Pliers.
Jul 14, 2018

1. aim theTap Wrench to the eyelet and judge them with eyes, so that the plane of the tap and the workpiece will be vertical.

2. turn the taps, from the front and side, two aspects of the observation, check whether the right, that is, the taps are perpendicular to the work plane, if necessary, from the front and back side with the right angle test is correct, if it is correct, the taps turn two, still use the above method, check whether right or not;

3. in tapping, if it feels forward to rotating and laboriously, it is not to be forced to rotate. It should be stopped immediately and backward 1/4 turns to clear the cutting parts of the taps and the holes around the hole, and then continue to attack forward.

4. if it is not right, the tap should be screwed out and re aligned, otherwise the spiral hole will be tilted.

5. in the tapping force must be uniform, can one hand hold the wrench, one hand on the taps, uniform force rotation, or the two hands balance the wrench, evenly rotating;

6. the spanner should be suitable for the size of the tap. If the wrench is wrenches, it must not be lengthened on the spanner.

7. when the tapping is finished, when the taps are poured out, the wrench can not be retreated with the wrench after the wrench is loosened. This should be especially careful to prevent the thread and taps in the screw hole.

8. after the taps are taken out, the chips that are stored in the threaded holes are poured out, or the oil is poured out, the hook is out, and the compressed air can be blown out, and the cut can not be blown by the mouth so as not to fly into the eyes.

When 9. tapping, when the material has stone or can not attack, you can first use the three taps to attack the good part, to reduce the cutting force, and then continue to tapping with the head tapping.


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