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Can You Use A Hand Taps For Tapping On A Machine Tool
Dec 24, 2017

For tapping on machine tools, it's best not to use taps with hand, so it is easy to break the taps.

General taps can be classified according to their shape: straight slot spiral fluted tap, tap, tap, screw tap swarf, extrusion tap, the performance of each one has his good points. Most of the machine taps are only one. Because of the high cutting speed, the material is usually high speed steel. There are no square tenons in the rear part.

The hand taps usually have two or three roots, with a cone. Two cones and three cones. Taps are commonly used as alloy tool steel or carbon tool steel. And the tail has a square tenon. The cutting part of the one cone is worn down 6 blades, and the cutting part of the two cone is worn down to two blades. When used, the "special wrench" is usually used for cutting.

Machine taps can generally hand taps, hand taps to replace machine on the machine cannot but not tap.

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