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Extrusion Taps: What Are The Simple Selection Methods
Sep 01, 2018

Extrusion taps: What are the simple selection methods?

Nowadays, there are many taps on the market. Because of the different materials used, the price of the same specification is also quite different. This makes many buyers do not know where to start, so how to choose the extrusion tap better, I will teach you the following. An easy way:

1, testing the heat treatment

Whether the wire taper is parabolically flat in the air, whether it is broken or not.

2, see if the taper grinding (chamfering) at the front end of the tap groove is uniform

Whether there is a fast opening in the cutting groove, the good is a positive 7-shaped, the bad is inverted 7 or U-shaped

3, knock the tap

See that the fracture is obliquely long, and the molecular particles in the fracture are fine, indicating that the heat treatment and the material are good, the flat or oblique is short, and the molecular particles are not good.

The quality of the tap depends mainly on its original material, heat treatment, groove shape, precision, equipment, speed and material being processed, hardness, operator quality and so on. When selecting the tap, pay special attention to the original material of the tap, heat treatment and groove type. It is recommended to select different types of taps for different processing holes.


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