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How Are Milling Cutters, Drills And Stepped Drills?
Feb 15, 2018

Do you know how the milling cutters, drills and staircase drills are made every day? Little editor today

Find several videos to share with you, and of course these videos are just a tool for making a tool that can't represent all of the data.

The find is limited, if a gold powder processing for various types of tools to understand words, welcome message or contribute to our ~ ~ ~ ~ oh

Milling cutter

A milling cutter is a rotary tool with one or more blade teeth used in milling. Each in turn cutter tooth intermittently cut work

Remainder. The milling cutter is mainly used to process planes, steps, grooves, forming surfaces and cutting parts on the milling machine. It can be divided into cylindrical milling cutter,

Face milling cutter, vertical milling cutter, three side edge milling cutter, angle milling cutter, saw blade milling cutter, T shaped milling cutter and other types. But how the milling cutter is made and made, let

Let's find out in the video.


Rolling technology is widely used in the forming of bit. The greatest advantage of this process is that the production efficiency is high, the raw material can be fully utilized, and the process is processed.

The internal structure of the bit body has fiber continuity and grain refinement, the carbide distribution is uniform, and the red hardness is high. But the rolling process is also clear

The obvious defect is that the bit body is very easy to crack. Under normal conditions, the rolling rate of the bit is 5% to 10%, sometimes as high as 20% to 40%.

The enterprise lost hundreds of thousands of yuan because of the bit rolling. In particular, when the current high speed steel material is more expensive, the problem of bit rolling is solved.

Reducing the rolling rate will make the enterprise get more economic benefit.

Step drill

A step drill, also known as a step drill or a pagoda drill, is mainly used for drilling thin steel plates within 3mm. A bit can be used instead of multiple bits.

The holes of different diameters can be processed according to the needs, and the big holes can be finished in one time, and the bit and the positioning hole are not needed.

The ladder drill is also known as the step drill or the pagoda drill (Step Drill), which is mainly used for drilling the thin steel plate within 3mm.

The head can be used instead of a number of bits, and the holes of different diameters can be processed according to the needs, and the large holes can be completed in one time, without the need to replace the drill.

Head and positioning holes, etc.

Product manufacturing: at present, the whole ladder drill is made by CBN full mill. The material is mainly high speed steel, hard alloy and so on, and the processing precision is high.

Surface coating treatment can be carried out according to the different processing conditions to prolong the service life of the tool and enhance the durability of the tool.

Classification of products:

According to the groove of the product, it can be divided into three types: the straight groove, the spiral groove and the circular arc groove.

According to the number of product edges, it can be divided into single - edge, double - edged, three - blade, four - blade and multi - edge step drill.

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