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How To Use The Taps
Dec 24, 2017

As a tool for machining internal thread taps, according to the shape can be divided into straight edge and screw tap tap, in accordance with the use of the environment can be divided into hand taps and machine taps, made in accordance with the specifications, and can be divided into metric, British tap, according to the origin can be divided into domestic and imported tap tap. Taps are the most important tools for the manufacturing operators to process threads at present.

Usage method

1) when tapping, insert the nose to tap the center line and the center line of drilling.

(2) a uniform rotation of both hands and a little pressure to make the taps enter, and no pressure should be added after entering the knife. (3) the taps are reversed at one time by about 45 degrees to cut off the chips so as to avoid blocking.

(4) the taps will break if the taps are difficult to rotate when they are difficult to rotate.

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