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Screw Off In The Equipment How To Take Out
Jul 17, 2017

1: the screw is broken out of the hole

Methods: with a wrench, if not twist out, saw a slot in the top of the screw, remove the screw with a screwdriver or will file the plane two symmetrical with the wrench; the bolt can be quenched, welding on a nut with a wrench (Note: welding to welding in the welding nut hole, if outside, may be nut welded to the equipment).

2: the screw is broken and the equipment is flush

Methods: the broken screw clockwise beat punch and other sharps (red), can also be used to drill (drill than Kong Xiao) to drill a hole in the middle of the screw and the appropriate screw extractor can also be removed, welding nut out.

3: the screw is broken in the hole (visible but not deep)

Method: take out with screw extractor.

4: the screw is broken in the hole (invisible, deep)

Method: give up the hole and re drill the hole on the device (if the connection is insignificant, do not drill).

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