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Tapping And Threading Concepts And Precautions For Threading Operations
Mar 21, 2018

Tapping and threading concepts and precautions for threading operations

One, tapping

Tapping concept

Taps are used to machine internal threads on the inner surface of a cylindrical bore.

2. Tapping tools

Hinge and tap.

Taps and their components

3. The structure of the tap

Cutting section, calibration section, working section, handle section, and end section.

4. Determination of bottom hole size before tapping

Drill diameter: d = D-P

Where D-internal thread diameter (mm),

P-pitch (mm)

5. Precautions for tapping operation

1 Hole chamfering after drilling (if it is a through hole, both faces should be chamfered);

2 The tap must be perpendicular to the vertical plane of the centerline of the hole when tapping;

3 When tapping, rotate clockwise. If you feel tired, rotate it 180 degrees counterclockwise. Add a little bit of coolant when you are struggling (depending on the material of the workpiece being attacked);

4 According to the screw hole and material requirements, the head cone and the two cones should be used interchangeably.


Second, the silk

1. The concept of silk threading

The operation of making an external thread on the outer surface of a cylinder using an original die is called a thread.

2. Threading tools

Die and Die Holders

3. Die structure

Cutting section, calibration section and evacuation hole

4. Determination of the diameter of the cylindrical rod before threading

Cylindrical rod diameter: d0=d-0.13P

Where d0—the diameter of the cylindrical rod (mm);

D—large diameter of external thread (mm); P—pitch (mm)).

5. Precautions for Threading Operation

Before 1 set of wire, the end of the cylindrical rod (2mm~3mm) needs to be chamfered into a cone of 150~200;

2 When laying the wire, the end face of the die should be kept perpendicular to the axis of the cylindrical rod;

3 At the beginning of the set of wires, the hands rotate the die clockwise and evenly, and apply axial pressure. When the die is cut in, the pressure is cancelled.

4 For chip breaking, the die must be rotated counter-clockwise. In order to improve the thread surface quality and die life, add cutting fluid.


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