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The Most Basic Bearing Terms, Mechanical People Should Understand!
Feb 15, 2018

The most basic bearing terms, mechanical people should understand!


Use this catalog of the main symbols according to the standard of ISO. The common bearing size symbols are shown in Figures 1 and 2. The other is as shown below.

All symbols can be used in conjunction with the subscript to indicate technical requirements.

A = speed coefficient [mm/min]

N = DM

C = bearing rated load [kN]

DM = average diameter of bearing [mm]

= 0.5 (D + D)

F = actual bearing load [kN]

L = service life, usually represented by a million or a working hour

N = speed [r/min]

P = bearing equivalent load [kN]

Pu = fatigue load limit value [kN]

ETA = C pollution coefficient

Kappa = viscosity ratio: compared with actual viscosity and required viscosity

V = oil viscosity [mm2 /s]

Axis system (Figure 3)

Cylindrical roller bearing

Four point contact ball bearing



Axle butt shoulder

Shaft diameter

The shaft seat

End plate

Radial shaft seal

Fixed distance ring

Inner diameter of bearing seat

Bearing seat

Bearing housing

Stop ring

Radial bearings (FIGS. 4 and 5)

The inner ring

The outer ring

Rolling body: ball, cylindrical roller, needle roller, tapered roller, spherical roller, ring roller


Cover device

Seal - rubber manufacturing

Dustproof cover - made of steel plate

Outer outer surface

Inner ring hole

Inner surface of the shoulder

Outer shoulder surface

Stop slot

Stop ring

Outer ring side

Sealing groove

Outer Ring Raceway

Inner ring raceway

Sealing groove

Inner ring end face


Circle diameter of bearing

Total bearing width

Guide the edge

Positioning flange

contact angle

Thrust bearing (Figure 6)

The shaft ring

Roller and cage assembly


Spherical center ring

aligning seat washer

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