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The Structure Of The Tap Is Used
Jul 17, 2017

Machine and hand tap is the standard tap for cutting ordinary thread. China is accustomed to the manufacture of high precision high-speed steel taps known as machine tap, the carbon tool steel or alloy tool steel rolling teeth (or incisors) taps called hand tap, in fact, both the structure and Nut Taps Nut Taps are basically the same.

Typically, the tap consists of a working part and a shank. The working part is divided into part and calibrated part, the former grinding with a cutting cone, responsible for the cutting work, which is used to calibrate the size and shape of the thread. (Eg tapping). The machine tap is usually referred to as a high speed steel mill tap and is suitable for tapping on a machine tool; the hand tap is a carbon tool steel or Alloy tool steel Rolling teeth (or incisors) tap, suitable for manual tapping. Taps are machined in a variety of medium and small size of the internal thread of the tool, it is simple, easy to use, both manual operation, can also work on the machine, in the production of a very wide range of applications.

For small size internal thread, silk Wei is almost the only processing tool. Silky varieties are: hand with silk Wei, machine tap, nut tap, squeeze taps and so on. Tapping is a difficult process, because the tap is almost buried in the workpiece for cutting, the processing load per tooth than other tools are large, and the tap along the thread and the workpiece contact surface is very large, cutting thread It must contain and remove the chips, so it can be said that the tap is working under very bad conditions. In order to make tapping smoothly, you should consider all the possible problems in advance. Such as the performance of the workpiece material, choose what the tool and machine tools, the choice of how high cutting speed, feed and so on.

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