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There Are Several Things We Need To Pay Attention To
Apr 19, 2018

Since titanium metal parts are difficult to process, full consideration must be given to the cutting parameters and the geometry of the taps.

1. Cutting speed: Because titanium alloy has a large elasticity and deformation rate, it needs to adopt a relatively small cutting speed. When machining small holes in titanium alloy parts, the recommended circumferential cutting speed is 10 to 14 inches/minute. 

2, chip flutes: In the deep hole tapping, need to reduce the number of YAMAWA taps (taper) slot, so that each slot of the chip space increases. Spiral groove taps (taper) are easier to chip than straight slot taps (taps). 

3. Front and rear corners: Small rake angles increase the strength of the cutting edge and increase the life of the tap. The large rake angle is good for cutting long chips of metal. Therefore, in the processing of titanium alloys, it is necessary to comprehensively consider these two factors and select the appropriate rake angle. 

4. Coolant: When processing special materials, it must be ensured that the cutting fluid reaches the cutting edge. In order to improve the coolant flow, it is recommended to open the cooling slot on the blade back of the tap (tap). If the diameter is large enough, internal cooling taps (taps) may be considered.

There are many classifications of wire tapping. Among them, the extrusion tap is a kind of tool that mechanical metal processing industry prefers in recent years. Because of its long service life, it has a perfect thread profile and is well received by consumers. Now, our company tells everyone that we must pay attention to any problems when we choose to squeeze wire taps.

Extruded taps for the processing of the workpiece must have the following requirements: First, copper and aluminum and other non-ferrous metals or non-ferrous metal alloys due to its low hardness, suitable for plastic processing, it is particularly suitable for extrusion tapping. Second, too large specifications thread is not suitable for extrusion tapping, because the extrusion wire tapping its processing does not produce the characteristics of the chip, too large specifications when the thread processing torque is very large, easy to break the wire tapping, generally recommended M1--M12 Extrusion tapping is used in the range. Too large specifications are not recommended. Third, the choice of extrusion tap is best to choose titanium extrusion wire tapping, can greatly improve the life of extruded wire tapping.

Extrusion tapping has more advantages than cutting tapping, so it is also more liked by processors, but not a good thing is suitable. If you can't meet the above requirements, using extruded wire may be Not as expected. Also to remind everyone that in the purchase of taps should be carefully observed to ensure that the tap intact.

Wire tapping A tool for machining internal threads with grooves in the axial direction. Also called taps, taps, teeth, etc. Silk tapping is the popular name in Guangdong. Now let's take a look at some of the common problems of wire tapping.


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