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Threading Die Tools
Jul 17, 2017

1. sets of wire is used in round bar cutting die out thread operation.

2. sets of wire threading tool tool and die holder (screwstock). (1) die die processing thread tool. Often made of alloy tool steel or high speed steel and hardened by hardening. The structure of die die by cutting part, the calibration part and chip hole. It is like a round nut on which a few holes are drilled to form a blade. The cutting part is the die cutting cone angle at both ends of the part. Die of the middle section is part of the calibration, is also part of the guide wire set. The calibration part die due to wear will make the thread size Princeton beyond the tolerance range. Therefore, to prolong the service life of the die, the commonly used plate teeth on the outer circle of four cone pit and a V shaped groove, adjust the die size effect. One of the two cone pit, the diameter of axis and die, with the fastening screws two corresponding position holder on the top of the tight after transfer torque to set screw. The other two and die cone pit center eccentric regulation. When the die wear, set the thread size becomes large, beyond the tolerance range, available along the V slot die blade wheel will be cut out of a through groove die grinding, with the other two fastening screws of the holder and tighten the cone pit into the top die above two eccentric, let die produce elastic the deformation of die diameter becomes smaller in size wear compensation. When adjusting, standard sample shall be used for dimensional verification. The two end has to be part of die cutting, end wear, can change the other end use. Die type clamp used the die has circular teeth and adjustable pipe die. The circular plate teeth are divided into fixed and adjustable two kinds. Adjustable pipe die is composed of four blocks as a group, embedded in the pipe tap screwstock adjustable, used to set external pipe thread die. (2) die (screwstock) screwstock clamping die tool, it is divided into circular screwing rack and rack pipe die.

3. sets of wire cutting operation in set should always die to reverse the chip breaking. Set up, with the right hand holding the hands of hinge rod along the axial direction, the pressure to make screwstock with your left forward precession, turn to slow, the pressure is higher, and ensure the die face and vertical rod, not skew. In the die rotating cut round rod 2 ~ 3 circle, should promptly check the die and the round rod vertically and timely to borrow (accurate correction). Enter the normal set of wires, no pressure, let die natural introduction, so as not to damage the thread and die, and often reversed in chip breaking. On steel wire set to add lubricating oil, to reduce surface roughness and prolong the threading die service life. Generally available oil or more concentrated emulsion, when required high available industrial vegetable oil. When setting up, it is necessary to correct the verticality promptly in two directions, which is an important tob_id_3389 - ring for ensuring the quality of the set of wires. When threading, the die cutting part of the cone angle is large, poor guide sleeve, prone to die face and rod axis is not perpendicular to cause the thread profile cut out a deep and shallow side, with the increase of the length of thread, the skew phenomenon will be increased significantly, not even continue cutting. The correctness of the sleeve and the control of the force of the two hands when the thread is sheathed evenly and the maximum force limit is controlled. It is one of the basic skills of the set of silk, and must be carefully controlled.

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