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What Are The Classification Of The Thread Repair Tool?
Jul 17, 2017

The thread will always be damaged in the wear and tear of the phenomenon, which led to fasteners difficult to fix. At this point the thread repair tool is very useful, it can give the damaged thread second life. Thread repair tools are divided into metric thread repair tools and British thread repair tools, etc., using the correct thread repair method, in order to achieve a multiplier effect.

The thread repair tool is a threaded tool kit for repairing damaged parts on a part, usually with a high-strength cold-rolled diamond-shaped stainless steel wire. Threaded teeth can be formed after the formation of a standard high-precision internal thread, the performance is better than the direct use of tapered tapping to form the internal thread. The purpose of the initial design is to the professional use of the automotive industry and aerospace equipment, mainly for the repair of necrotic threads and increase the strength of the standard thread. Threaded jacket is mainly made of diamond-shaped stainless steel material, processing methods and spring almost, also known as wire screw sets, its superior durability, wear resistance of all walks of life recognized.

1. Metric thread repair tool

The metric thread repair tool is a set of metric threaded tools for repairing damaged parts. It consists of a drill bit, a taps, a mounting tool and a cutting tool. It is also one of the most commonly used in the thread repair tool.

2. English thread repair tool

The Inch Thread Repair Tool is a set of inline threaded tools for repairing damaged parts, including drill bits, taps, mounting tools and cutting tools, and is more commonly used in thread repair tools.

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