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What Are The Main Shapes Of Taps
Mar 21, 2018

What are the main shapes of taps?

There are various shapes of screw taps for the purpose of use. The JIS standard stipulates that there are hand twisted wire taps, nut taps, and pipe taps.

The main shape and structural classifiers are as follows.

Other hand twisted wire tapping: general hand twisted wire tapping (SKH.SKS), cast iron hand twisted wire tapping, die casting hand twisted wire tapping, plastic resin pieces hand twisted wire tapping, high hard steel hand twisted wire Taps, screw bushings, wire tapping, oversized hand twisted wire tapping (SKH.SKS), tungsten carbide wire tapping.

Nut tap: nut tap (SKH.SKS)

Pipe thread tapping: general use push-pull wire tapping (SKH.SHS), short screw-type push-pull wire tapping, push-pull wire tapping for cast iron, push-pull wire tapping for soft iron, interrupted wire tapping for tube pushing, intermittent tapping for general use (SKH.SKS).

Tip wire tapping: general tip tapping, tip tapping for stainless steel, tip tapping for deep hole, gun flute tapping (Gun Flute Tap)

Helical wire tapping: general screw tapping, stainless steel screw tapping, high carbon steel screw tapping, deep hole screw tapping, left screw tapping.

Slotless wire tapping: Steel High Roll Tap slotless wire tapping, steel New Roll Tap non-round wire tapping, non-ferrous metal slotless wire tapping, non-ferrous metal non-round wire tapping.

Shank special wire tapping: Morse push wire tapping, curved shank wire tapping, Peian tapping, sheathed wire tapping, long handle wire tapping, pulley wire tapping.

Composite wire tapping: drill bit tapping [type A (cast iron) tapping wire tapping, type B (steel) tapping wire tapping], increasing diameter wire tapping, reamer tapping, tapping tapping, taping rod wire attack.

Blade replaceable wire tapping: shell type tapping, insert blade tapping

Others: Diameter increase silk attack, silk


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