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What Do The Taps Do When They Are Broken In The Workpiece? 10 Ways For You To Choose
Feb 15, 2018

1, pour some oil, with a sharp cut child out at the fracture surface slowly reverse, from time to time to pour iron.

This is a commonly used method in the workshop, but it may not be suitable for a threaded hole with too small aperture or too long a broken taps.

Try it.

2, weld a handle or six angle nut on the taps fracture section, and then gently reverse it.

This method is a little troublesome for welding, or in the same way, it is not suitable for smaller taps.

3. Using a special tool: a broken tap remover, the principle is that the workpiece and the taps are connected to the positive and negative electrodes respectively, and the electrolyte is poured in the middle, causing the workpiece to be made to the wire.

Cone discharge corrosion, and then the auxiliary clamp and remove, less damage of the inner hole.

4, use electric pulse to get rid of, electric spark or wire cutting can be, the hole can be reamer and wire screw sleeve.

This method is more simple and convenient, and the coaxiality is not considered for the time being unless the coaxiality of your threaded hole directly affects the quality of the equipment.

5. Make a simple tool at the same time insert the cuttings slot in the section of the broken taps, carefully pull out the reverse, for example, the broken wire with the tenon and the tenon can be used.

2 nuts are twisted on the cone, and the steel wire (the number of roots is the same as the number of taps) is inserted into the empty slot of the broken taper and nut, and then the reaming is wrenched in the exit direction.

Square the tenon and remove the broken taps.

The theme of this method is to make use of steel wire and a steel needle to make a special wrench for cutting wire through the cuttings groove of the broken taps. Of course,

It is better to make a tool for such a tool if the broken wire is often found in the workshop.

6, the nitric acid solution can corrode high speed steel wire cone, and do not scrap the workpiece.

7, using acetylene flame burner to tap or annealing, and then use the drill to drill, the drill hole is smaller than the diameter of the drill, to alignment

Heart, prevent screw bad drilling, hole drilling into a flat or square punch with the wrench after a tap.

8. If you can't buy a broken wire remover, use a big bit of bit to continue to expand the hole. When the aperture is close to the screw, some of the wire will lose its strength and fall off.

Come, get rid of the rest of the silk tooth, and then use the taps to redress it.

9, if the screw broken wire is exposed, or broken bolts are not strict requirements, as well as for hand saw blade can, can seam, even the shell also saw,

Then unload with a flat screwdriver.

10, after more effort by N, the screw has been taken out, but the hole is also abandoned, and the cable can drill a larger hole to tapping, if it is the original screw.

Wire position and size restrictions, can also play a big screw in, or directly welded tapping, then in the center of the screw drill tapping hole.

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