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What Is An Extrusion Tap
Jun 09, 2018

What is an extrusion tap

Extruding tap is a new type of thread cutting tool that uses the principle of metal plastic deformation to process internal thread. Extrusion tap extrusion internal thread is no chip processing technology, especially suitable for copper alloy and aluminum alloy with low strength and good plasticity. Can also be used for stainless steel and low carbon steel, low hardness, plastic material tapping, long life.

It is a tool that processes internal threads and has grooves in the axial direction. Also called tapping. The tap is divided into a straight groove tap, a spiral groove tap and a spiral point tap according to its shape. The straight groove tap is easy to process, the precision is slightly lower, and the output is larger. It is generally used for thread machining of ordinary lathes, drills and tapping machines, and the cutting speed is slow. Spiral groove taps are mostly used for drilling blind holes in CNC machining centers. The processing speed is faster, the precision is high, and chip evacuation is performed. Better, good for neutrality. The screw tap has a receiving slot in the front to process the through hole. The taps provided by the tool factory are mostly coated taps, which greatly improve the service life and cutting performance of uncoated taps.


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