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What Is The Die?
Jul 17, 2017

Die, there are a variety of meaning, can be used as processing or correction of external thread thread processing tools, some areas of the tube "front teeth" is also called "die, in addition, in the cartoon car mobilization also has the role of the same name (Mater). Called the front teeth for the teeth.

The die is equivalent to a nut with a very high hardness. There are several chip holes around the screw hole. Generally, the cutting cone is drilled at both ends of the screw hole. The die is divided into circular die, square die, hexagonal die and tubular die (see the type of die). Which is the most widely used circular die, the specification range of M0.25 ~ M68 mm. When the machined thread diameter exceeds the tolerance, the adjustment groove on the die can be cut in order to adjust the diameter of the thread.

The die can be mounted in a wrench with a hand thread, or it can be mounted on a machine tool. The machining accuracy of the die is low, but because of its simple structure, easy to use, in single, small batch production and repair in the die is still widely used.

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