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What Is The Taps?
Jul 17, 2017

Taps for a processing of internal thread of the tool, according to the shape can be divided into spiral tap and straight tap, according to the use of the environment can be divided into hand tap and machine tap, according to specifications can be divided into metric, American, and British tap, Origin can be divided into imported tap and domestic tap. Taps are the main tool for manufacturing operators to thread threads.

A tool for machining internal threads with grooves in the axial direction. Also called screw attack The tap is divided into straight taps, spiral taps and screw taps (apex taps) according to their shape. Straight groove taper processing is easy, the accuracy is slightly lower, the output tap taps larger. Generally used for ordinary lathes, drilling and tapping machine thread processing, cutting speed is slow. Spiral groove taps for CNC machining center drilling blind hole, processing speed, high precision, better chip, good for neutrality. The tip of the screw tip has a grooved groove for the machining of the through hole.

The taps provided by the tool factory are mostly coated taps, which greatly improves the service life and cutting performance of the uncoated taps. The design of the tapered cutting load is not reasonable, the processing quality is high, but the manufacturing cost is also high. Trapezoidal thread tap is often designed with no equal diameter.

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