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What's The Difference Between A Round Tooth And A Taps?
Dec 30, 2017

Die, if the tap is the tool of internal thread tapping, then die is a kind of tool for tapping external thread. To distinguish between die shape, can be divided into: circular die, die, die angle six square. At present, domestic circulation is circular screwing die, as the Quartet extraction, six angle die are very rare, very few can buy on the market.

Circular screwing dies, a half half cutting extrusion state, diameter of cutting part of die diameter and die diameter, especially to bear large cutting force, it should have the strength and cutting ability. Taking into account the screw and the screw hole with the die cut out should have a certain gap, and taking into account the amount of wear, so die design, should make the diameter and diameter less than in diameter, the diameter of the thread in nominal size.

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