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Where Are The Specific Differences Between The Taps And The Taps For The Hand - Taps?
Dec 24, 2017

The machine taps usually refer to the high speed steel taps, which are suitable for tapping on the machine tools.

Hand taps refer to carbon tools or alloy tool steel rolling taps (or incisors) taps, which are suitable for hand tapping.

But in production, both can be used interchangeably.

Usually use is interchangeable, but at some time it is not so, there are two cases to pay attention to;

1, generally speaking, the machine taps are better on his material. So if the processing quality and hardness requirements are best used by machine.

2, if the tapping is below M2, it is best to choose the good hand of the material. The manual tap tap is better, a successful large cutting amount when tapping with machine, and if the material toughness is large, easy to break and tap tap, the manual is two times of end, cutting the amount of each of the relatively small and high precision tapping by hand, so the wire cone is better.

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