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Why Are The Taps Attached To The Drill Bit Not Used?
Apr 19, 2018

Although it is a composite tool with a drill attached to the tip of a wire tap, it cannot be used as a tool because of the difference in speed of rotation or feed in the case of using a drill and tapping. It is very convenient to complete drilling and tapping operations at the same time. Conversely, if there is a defect or wear on one of the drill bit or tap, this tool cannot be used.

2. Compared to other cutting tools, the tapping time of materials used for superhard materials is relatively slow. Why?

The biggest difference between wire tapping and other cutting tools is that the retraction must be reversed after tapping. If there is no reverse retraction, the wire tapping cannot be retracted, so the speed is slow and it cannot be cut at high speed like other tools. The benefits of using a super-hard material are few. In fact, ultra-high-speed wire tapping has also been developed, but it is still rather slow compared to the speed of other cutting tools.


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